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E-commerce website

Categories: Website types

E-commerce is getting to be one of the biggest ways to do business in the 21st century. There are a myriad of reasons for this, which we’ll come to shortly. The problem we must address first is that people at large, those still becoming comfortable with computers, may be unsure exactly what this sort of business model really is. As a result, they dismiss it as something complex and irrelevant to their lives, and they miss out on a ton of convenience this way.

Corporate website

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A corporate website is a company’s flagship portal to the world. It is a place that anybody with an internet connection can go to see what your business is all about. Your products, values, and the way your business is conducted can be displayed to the entire world. People tend to trust a business that they can look up on the web. As the world has continuously evolved into a global economy, having a business presence online is now a necessity.

Personal website

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Personal website Your Personal website is your own address on the internet. Once a domain name (website name) has been registered with a host server, construction begins. If your company’s name was The Delta Corporation, you could register your domain as This would then become your de facto home page for your website. A…